Yabause是一款十分专业的世嘉土星SS模拟器,用户可以使用这款软件模拟世嘉土星游戏机(Sega Saturn)的运行环境。


yabause [ -afh ] [ -b | -nb ] [ -c | -i ] [ -ns ] [ –autoframeskip=0|1 ] [ –autoload= ] [ –autostart ] [ –binary=[:] ]


Enable or disable auto frame skipping / limiting.

Automatically start emulation and load a savestate.


Automatically start emulation.


Choose a bios file.


Choose the cdrom device.

Use a binary file. Content of the file will be loaded to 0x06004000 and execution will start from that address. You can provide an alternative address to load and run the binary with the –binary=: syntax. When using this option, emulation is automatically started and you shouldn’t use it in conjunction with -a. This option is intended for homebrew developers wanting to test their programs in Yabause.


Start the emulator in fullscreen.


Choose a dump file. The dump can be either in iso or bin/cue file format.


Use the emulated bios.


Turns sound off. This option actually set the sound core to the dummy one.


An executable for the Saturn, usually with a BIN extension.

A Saturn ROM BIOS image.

A CDROM device file.

A Saturn game dump.